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Down to earth farmers

About Sokn Gard

Sokn Gard is a family farm with dairy cows and sheep as main productions. There are also eggs and vegetables when it is season for it. The farm also receives visitors in the yard and in the boathouse environment "Naustrane" which is connected to the farm. Naustrane is located by Soknasundet.

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The farmers

The farmers and hosts are Gunvor Helle Eiane and Jostein Eiane. They farm the way it like it has always been for Ryfylke-farmer through all time, a little of everything. An open farm has been arranged at Sokn several times, and the hiking trail is used by both locals and visitors as one of several in the municipal part. The farm was one of the first to collaborate on the brand «Klosterlam», under the auspices of the monastery farm "Klostergården".


There are many traces of the past on the farm. At the far end of Sokn is a large Bronze Age mound which is a grave monument where the burial chamber is visible in the middle. Nearby are the remains of a stone cross. Soknasundet is mentioned in the royal saga as the place where the battle between Svein Knutsson and Tryggve Olavson took place. There are traces of farming here from a long time ago. 

Naustrane på Sokn 1919.jpeg

Fishing, livestock and vegetables

Towards the end of the 19th century, the farms were collected as they are today and many of the stone fences were built. For this work had a good help from easterners and Swedes who participated in the fishing in the winter and worked for food or low wages outside the fishing. The way of life has been fishing, animals and early vegetables. The sea and the contact with the Ryfylke fjords has always been important.

In 1992, Rennfast opened, which led to a major change for Sokn. From being a small island with a farm and a few houses, one became connected to the neighboring islands with bridges and Stavanger with a tunnel. 

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